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‘It Is Normal To Doubt Yourself, It Only Shows You Are Human’



'It Is Normal To Doubt Yourself, It Only Shows You Are Human'

The renowned business executive made this known in a recent post she made on her verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Twitter.

According to her, doubting yourself is normal, y are a human being, and you are allowed moments of uncertainty.

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The post she made;

“Doubting yourself is normal, u are a human being, & you are allowed moments of uncertainty. The key to living a happy & successful life is knowing how to quieten that voice of doubt over time, so it becomes a whisper instead of the presiding voice.”

Read some reactions the post got below;

@napentsoane – The truth is there is no voice to quiten at all. Thinking that such a voice exists is itself an illusion created by our thoughts. Lasting peace and happiness can be realised the minute you see thoughts for what they truly are – mere experience in consciousness.

@DJ_Homecoming – I do these lives every sunday where i share a positive message on my instagram. Today’s one was “do not doubt your greatness” then i explained it and then you tweeted this. Alignment!

@uSiyanda_lo – So you woke up and decided to preach that gospel huh

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