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Bad Governance Fuelling Separatist Agitations – Segun Oni



Bad Governance Fuelling Separatist Agitations – Segun Oni

Former Governor of Ekiti State, Segun Oni has hit out at President Buhari for playing a part in the ongoing clamour of some groups to push the agenda of separatists forward.

He was involved in an interview with Sunday Beat where he blamed Buhari for providing the catalyst to fuel the agitations of separatists across the country because of his bad governance.

He was quizzed about the IPOB in the South East and other call for separation among different groups and he said: ” The separatist agitations feed on incompetence of the people in power. This government is incompetent. It is not because we are not separated that this government is incompetent. If you remove incompetence, separatist agitations may not be the order of the day. Yes, there is a reason people are asking for separation. It is because they are disappointed at what they are getting. “

“This government’s incompetence is what fuels all these agitations or separation. No matter how well a system is, bad governance will always bring harms to the people. That is what we are seeing now. Bad governance is bringing harms to our people. What people see every day is evil!  They are now saying separate us from the source of evil. But if we separate into 20 units, if our mentality is still in us, it will be evil multiply by 20. People were not agitating like this during the time of Obasanjo. There was also no agitation during the time of the late Umar Yar’Adua. Good governance is what we need. Whether we break up or not, we will still need good governance. This is the worse time we have ever had. I hope it doesn’t get worse than this. If there is only one word that summarises this government, it is incompetence.”


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