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Big Xhosa Explains Why He Didn’t Diss AKA



Big Xhosa Explains Why He Didn't Diss AKA

What started this beef? One will ask, but until now, no one knows. Big Xhosa has received mixed reactions online, with many arguing why the upcoming rapper has decided to choose violence at such an early stage in his career. Fans have their favourite rappers, and such an audacious move can spell the end of the talented rapper because nobody would like a rapper who hates their favourite rapper.

However, he thought it wise to leave AKA out of it which many sees as the right call considering Supermega’s current situation right now.

Whilst having lunch with controversial and outspoken artist manager Nota, Big Xhosa explained his decision to not diss AKA; citing him as one of his inspirations.

“By the way, why I did not mention Supa Mega. It’s because he is going through what he is going through right now. And I’m not good with words, but I respect him. I respect him so much and I thought of giving him some space and leaving him alone. But also, he’s one of the people I look up to, he’s the one that actually got me into rapping.”


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