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#FixTheCountry Is Just A Hashtag To Them- Joey B Cries



#FixTheCountry Is Just A Hashtag To Them- Joey B Cries

Ghanaian Hiplife/ Hip Hop rapper Joey B has wades into the #FixTheCountry protest stating to the government, its just a common hashtag.

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This comes after most Ghanaians on social media stated using the hashtag on the various social media platforms to try and put the government on its toes in working for the greater good of the Ghanaian people.

Ghanaians are using the hashtag on Twitter to express their frustrations on the bad state of the economy, bad road network, insecurity, lack of some essential social amenities etc.

Joey B in reacting to the protest on social media stated the protest means nothing to the government but rather a mere hashtag on social media with people just expressing their views and opinions

He added that the government will probably not take any of the trends serious since they perfectly know that the people will fall for they small promises in the next presidential and parliamentary general elections.

#FixTheCountry is just a hashtag to them, sadly.

knowing you, you fall for it every 4 years.

#FixTheCountry Is Just A Hashtag To Them- Joey B Cries
#FixTheCountry Is Just A Hashtag To Them- Joey B Cries 45

Meanwhile, Ghanaian singer and rapper Worlasi has urged the people to also try and fix themselves whiles asking the government to fix the country.

He stated the Ghanaian public are so vulnerable that they fall for the small promises from these politicians every time there’s an election and the act of taking money from them before voting these politicians into power must stop.

The people should fix themselves too. Small promises then Jon Jon Jon you Dey go vote. Mtsew … “sit inside den suffer” …

Same ple that took money from him to hype his party are complaining. ??? … no cares anymore oh Charley

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