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President Buhari Making Nigeria’s Bad Situation Worse – Prof Osuntokun



President Buhari Making Nigeria’s Bad Situation Worse – Prof Osuntokun

Former political adviser to former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Prof Akin Osuntokun has slammed the Buhari administration for its bad governance.

 Prof Akin Osuntokun was involved in a recent chat with Sunday Sun where he registered his displeasure at the government for the poor leadership that has culminated into the crisis. He was asked some series of questions which he replied.

He was quizzed about the government’s incapacity to take charge and he said: We are already there as a failed state. It’s no longer an issue of gradually or speedily falling into the category. All the signs of a failed state are there and that is the truth. When the government no longer has the legitimacy of the sole control of the power of coercion that is what happens. When the government loses power to impose its will which is supposed to constitute the will of all the citizens, when it no longer has the ability to do so, that is the first sign of a failed state. The existence of a state in the first instance is its force, the security, the monopoly of the power of coercion with which it maintains the rule of law, order, and stability. When the state loses that, they are indications of a failed state when it can no longer perform its most basic roles. It is self-evident that that kind of failure is self-evident in Nigeria today. With the inability to secure a substantial part of the country, the government has lost that ability, which is an indication of a failed state.

He also shared his thoughts on the latest increase in the waste of human lives in the country and he said: Well, that is part of the practical manifestations you witness in a failed state, it shows that the government has lost control of the security and that is compounded by the government’s loss of legitimacy. Apart from the ability to secure the country, it’s also the loss of political legitimacy which is seen in things like the clashes everywhere, incidents like that of Pantami (Communication and Digital minister) who is fingered as a terrorist, etc these are some of the things that make government lose legitimacy. A government that is associated with that kind of stuff will have crises of credibility. The situation on the ground has warranted even the United Kingdom to give asylum to IPOB members. 


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