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I Don’t Need Anyone To Tell Me I’m A Great Mom



I Don't Need Anyone To Tell Me I'm A Great Mom

Celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji has bragged that she knows she’s a great mom and doesn’t need anyone to tell her that as she schools us on correcting children.

Linda Ikeji in her post said she doesn’t believe in spanking children as a form of correcting them for doing something bad as her child Jayce isn’t spanked always for doing the wrong thing but then she only spanks him occasionally.

According to Linda Ikeji, there are different ways parents can correct their kids when they do something wrong but always spanking them is something she’s against hence advising others to stop always spanking their kids.

Linda Ikeji added that some people do tell her that they are scared her son Jayce might be spoiled because she doesn’t spank him when he does the wrong thing but she (Linda Ikeji) believes otherwise and not always spanking children.

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Linda Ikeji then added a report from her son’s school to prove that even though she doesn’t spank him always as a form of correction, he does the right thing when it’s needed because she has different forms of punishing or correcting him.

Linda Ikeji then added that this is her opinion and anyone can disagree with her but then she doesn’t believe in spanking your child always revealing that she doesn’t recall her mother beating her or her siblings when they were young hence same applies to her and her son.

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