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Sibulelo Manamatela Talks About The Differences Between Her Son



Sibulelo Manamatela Talks About The Differences Between Her Son

The popular lifestyle blogger made this known in a recent post she made on her verified social media handle on Instagram.

Sharing a photo of herself and her sons, she wrote;

“I’m trying to be very intentional about celebrating the ways in which my children are different so that they can grow to be who they are meant to be.

It’s so easy, to compare them- not even in an intentionally bad way but as a reference of how it was the first time something happened.
I’ve realized that a few times when Mangaliso reached a milestone, I would think about what and when ‘the same thing’ happened to Kukhanya. I wouldn’t say if out loud but the thought would ping like a message in my head. Im trying to turn that off, ASAP.
There’s absolutely no need to put two great memories side by side- that will almost always lead to comparisons.

I’m also not going to allow anyone else to reference Kukhanya when we’re celebrating something Mangaliso did; or visa-versa.

There are so many seemingly small things that can make someone feel unappreciated and I’m actively trying to be more conscious of them for the sake of my children.

How do you affirm each of your children as individuals?”


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