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I Would Have Been An Ex-convict Had It Not Been For The Nigerian Judiciary



I Would Have Been An Ex-convict Had It Not Been For The Nigerian Judiciary

Former Governor of Edo state, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has explained how he would have been an ex-convict in Nigeria had it not been for the Nigerian Judiciary that held fair judgment.

Oshiomhole received the leadership of Law Students Association of Nigeria LAWSAN at his residence where he recounted the number of times he had to be saved by the dictates of the law court as he stressed the importance of the rule of law.

In his words: “Sometimes I am worried. What I have found out in the course of my activism both before government and even after I left government is that when Nigeria faces challenges, some people who should know better get so carried away and angry that they do not care about the position of the law. It is like they want to resort to self-help or if you like, pursue what seems to be a simplistic escape route. “When I was president of the NLC, nobody fought President Obasanjo like I did, providing leadership for Nigerian workers and Nigerian working families who were negatively affected by the choice of economic policies that the then president pursued.

“The president having just retired or being a former military head of state may not have known the difference between being a head of state and being an elected president and I am proud to say that it was my lot to provide leadership for constructive engagements and to legally challenge him and using the democratic space to interrogate his actions and get him to recognise that we were now to be ruled by our consent not by decrees anymore and if you think anybody had done anything wrong, all you could do as president was to go to court, that he no longer had the powers to put me away the way he was able to do when he was military head of state. It was a challenge to get him to go through some kind of reorientation and the rest is history.


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