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‘If Your Wife Was A Businesswoman, Will She Be Happy With the Dollar Rate?’- Captain Smart Bashes Bawumia



'If Your Wife Was A Businesswoman, Will She Be Happy With the Dollar Rate?'- Captain Smart Bashes Bawumia

Captain Smart in a Facebook live video quizzed the Vice President why the economy has been on a downward turn under his watch despite bragging about his prowess when he was in opposition. According to him, Dr Bawumia has been exposed by the cedi’s continuous depreciation despite claiming he arrested it.

He further asked him if his wife would be happy about the rate at which the cedi is falling against the major currencies if she was a businesswoman.

“Like you so much and you are a fine gentleman but what happened. When the fundamentals are weak, the cedi will expose you. Now, are the fundamentals weak or strong?

The cedi has exposed you big time. The cedi has exposed you and landed you. You claimed to have arrested the cedi and given the key to the IGP. The IGP apparently slept and allowed the dollar to escape,” Captain Smart said.

“My question is if the second lady was a businesswoman who went to Dubai or China, would you be okay with the dollar rate if you were not in power. Let’s assume your mom was beautiful Rebecca and she was a trader and the dollar had risen to this level, what would you have said?


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