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‘TB Joshua Was A Scam And Conman’- Fiifi Bright Writes



'TB Joshua Was A Scam And Conman'- Fiifi Bright Writes

A famed Ghanaian Athiest, Fiifi Bright- who sometimes brandish the moniker ‘evangelical atheist’ has descended on the late Nigerian prophet and televangelist, Balogun Joshua (TB Joshua).

While millions of Christians have been plunged into a sorrowful mood since news of the sudden death of the famous miracle and faith healer filtered through the internet in the early hours of Sunday (June 6), others have remained indifferent about his death.

Fiifi who has embarked on a personal campaign to liberate Africaans from the shackles of religion and its associated buffoonery, found ample time to champion his cause shortly after TB Joshua died.

Taking to his favourite platform, Facebook, Fiifi unleashed his missiles on the head of the founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) by calling him a scam and conman.

His full post as sighted by, reads;

I’ve always said and maintained that TB Joshua was a pulpit bandit, a scam and a conman who simply exploited mostly vulnerable sick people to his advantage. The funny part of this submission is that there are many Christians who share the exact same opinion as I do but wouldn’t come out to say this publicly.

I’ve watched many of his sermons where he’s told people suffering from all sorts of illnesses that he’d heal them and gone further to ask ask these sick people to discard their medications — I’ve again seen adverts by him calling on sick people to visit his synagogue and receive healing from whatever afflictions and illness these people are suffering.

If this isn’t the height of deception and wickedness I honestly don’t know what is. Our former president John Evans Atta Mills was a member of his congregation and we all know for a fact he frequented the synagogue church of all nations in hopes of curing whatever illness he was afflicted by — we are all witnesses to how that story ended Prophet TB Joshua was a man widely known for performing miracles and nothing else.

He had such scores of humans thronging his church premises simply because he was a miracle worker and they were all seeking one form of miracle or the other and not for any other reason… Whatever it was that killed him, I’m most definitely certain he had cured the exact same sickness on live national television.

This man is even reported to have raised the dead for Christ sake so why can’t we ask why he couldn’t cure himself and die at such a young age as 57?!

Performing miracles when the cameras are rolling is one thing but after the camera stops rolling what these supposedly healed sick patients go through is an entirely different story to which we are not privy to simply because there are no cameras to tell the behind the scenes truth of what actually goes on Simply go on YouTube or Google and type in TB Joshua is fraud and you’ll find hundreds of nkt thousands of people telling their personal story of how this prophet lied and tricked them into doing one thing or the other.

For those of you who keep saying regardless of whatever opinion I have of the man he was a philanthropist and he did good to many people, well, those who engaged and subjected the black race in hundreds of years of slavery also did some good to the African people and as a result by your logic slavery shouldn’t matter.

A man’s death is in no way atonement for his evil deeds and for you to think that simply because he’s dead so everyone should shush only goes to show you’re of inferior mental strength.A con man is dead and I say good riddance.

I am an evangelical atheist!


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