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Don’t Scam People – Nota On Cassper’s R100 Million Deal



Don’t Scam People – Nota On Cassper’s R100 Million Deal

The man who proclaim himself as the authority is back at it again. It looks like Nota always want to find faults in celebrities who are doing well for themselves in the industry and is very good at busting their bubble anytime they are on the rise.

This time is Cassper name on the lips of the controversial media personality after he bagged a huge R100 million deal with shoe company Drip.

According to Nota, Cassper has been misleading people for years and he in particular does not believe his deal with Drip is worth this much like he claims. Nota claims Cassper is a liar and he needs evidence to believe he secured such a huge bag.

“Don’t scam your people,” Nota called Cassper out.

Watch video below:

Meanwhile, Nota recently came after media personality Scoop Makhatini by calling him an absent father. Many wondered what Scoop did to him in the first place for him to go Live on Instagram and make those allegations.

“That’s the same sh*t I was calling out Scoop for, Scoop going out there talking sh*t about me. Scoop has a problem cause he’s an absent father he can’t even raise his own kid,” he accused.

As if that was not enough, Nota also spoke ill of Hip Hop producer Makwa and dissed his entire family. He even took aim at his sexual orientation by suggesting he makes kids he cannot take care of. 

In the viral video, Nota tells Makwa to keep his name out of his mouth and take legal action if he wants his money. He added that Makwa’s children deserve the money since he allegedly does not take care of them.

“…If there’s money owed to him, his kids deserve that money. He’s got 2 kids that he is raising,” said Nota.


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