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Ban On Open Grazing Is Counterproductive – NEF spokesperson, Baba-Ahmed



Ban On Open Grazing Is Counterproductive – NEF spokesperson, Baba-Ahmed

Northern Elders Forum spokesperson Hakeem Baba-Ahmed has claimed that some state governments’ prohibition on open grazing is futile and harmful to the nation’s ethos of harmony.

During an interview with Channels Television, the NEF spokeswoman stated this. In addition to stating that they are in favor of ranching, domesticating cattle, and contemporary methods of resting both the cattle and the Fulani man, he stated that Governors are promoting anarchy by telling people that they are on their own and should find a means to protect themselves

He said; 

“We are not against open grazing. We are in support of ranching, domesticating cattle, modern ways on how both the cattle and the Fulani man can rest from this worrisome way of which it can be done.

“What we are insisting on is that this haste to sign laws that ban open grazing is both counterproductive [and] very damaging to the spirit of coexistence.

“When you hear governors say you’re on your own, find a way to protect yourselves, you are then talking about anarchy.

“The more the states fail to provide security to communities, the more communities become desperate.

“If there are routes and grazing reserves, they don’t necessarily contradict the law against open grazing. Open grazing exists because there are no routes and reserves”.

“The Fulani man wanders wherever he goes,” Baba-Ahmed said, “since the government hasn’t given him what he’s entitled to.”

He added; 

“It’s not a southern issue, it’s not a northern issue, it’s a national issue.”


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