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China Record World First Human Case Of Bird Flu



China Record World First Human Case Of Bird Flu

Reports coming in from eastern China reveals a 41-year-old man contracted what could possibly be the world’s first human case of bird flu.

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The reports indicates the man has contracted the H10N3 strain of the bird flu disease but the level of spread among humans or the risk of large-scale spread is low.

According to the Chinese National Health Commission, the 41-year-old man who hails from Jiangsu province, northwest of Shanghai has been on hospital admission since April 28th, 2021 and is said to be stable and in good condition.

The Commission said although it has been more than a month since the case was recorded, there seems to be no report of any H10N3 similar incidents or cases reported anywhere else across the country as far as their records are concern.

The Commission in a statement described the first human case of the H10N3 bird flu as an accidental cross-species transmission and stated “The risk of large-scale transmission is low

The statement also added that unlike the deadly corona virus, there are measures put in place by7 a global influenza surveillance system that watches out for human cases of bird flu, since the late 1990s when a new strain named H5N1 cropped up in Hong Kong’s crowded live-poultry markets.

Reports indicate between the year 2013 to 2017, China was hit by a new strain of the bird flu called the H7N9 and its said to have infected about 1,900 people through close contact with infected birds or chickens.

Recall China prevented the world from knowing what was actually going on in Wuhan when reports of a deadly virus (now known to be corona virus) hit media circles in December 2019. The authorities came out to debunk the rumors until the virus got out of hand.

Before the country could tell the whole world what was going on and seek for assistance, the virus has already spread to almost every part of the country and on foreign lands as well claiming many lives.

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