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‘Don’t Marry A Man Who Doesn’t Know How To Cook’



'Don’t Marry A Man Who Doesn’t Know How To Cook'

Ladies have been advised never to make their minds to marry a man who can’t cook.

This advice was given by a man in the popular Ghanaian social media group on Facebook, Tell It All.

The post reads;

“Don’t marry a man who doesn’t know how to cook.”

'Don’t Marry A Man Who Doesn’t Know How To Cook'

The post got some reactions and here are some reactions;

Nathaniel Martey Zoe – Women who do not know how to cook koraa are getting married

Anwabateng Latif Kalyppo – Ah well, we too are planning not to marry broke ladies.
We will see who remains in their father’s house.

Bunny Naa Omanye – Where from this too.. We will marry them and teach them.. If they Dnt want to learn they won’t eat😂😂😂😂

Patrick Shabaz Kpobi – Ignoramus!!!.Don’t marry a woman who doesn’t know how to weed.Do not marry a woman who cannot carry 20 bags of cement.Some of the post is nauseating and sickening🙄🙄🙄 Women who buy food at the road side are getting married and you are talking about Men.They even get responsible men to marry.If you don’t feed me,I will allow a different lady to bring me food at home and you will see who will be on top.You will be somewhere crying

Bra Sammy – Yoo we hear you, Same wey we won’t marry a woman who doesn’t know how to wash, how to do doggy style well, how to calm a man, a woman who doesn’t respect, who loves make up too much… Momo de3 3y3 normal so i don’t have problem… And we’ll not Marry a woman who doesn’t like licking too 😉…

Nerabia Komanaba – My grandfather told me that a good man must not frequent himself in the kitchen. And it works so well. Men who know how to cook don’t appreciate their wives. With the least provocation they are in the kitchen. When she travels small the man doesn’t care to bring her back. He knows the prices of all foodstuffs and ingredients and even purchase them himself. When there is a dispute he will just ask the woman to pack because he doesn’t see the importance of the woman apart from spending his wealth. Let’s be Africans and Ghanaians.


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