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‘Don’t Marry A Man Who Will Use His Money To Make You Silent’



'Don't Marry A Man Who Will Use His Money To Make You Silent'

Ladies have been advised to never marry men who will use their money to make them silent.

This advice was given in a recent social media post by a social media user in the popular Ghanaian Facebook group, Tell It All.

According to the post, many women have ended up in misery with marriage circumstances not favoring them just because they chose to marry a ‘rich’ man who is not caring.

The post reads;

“Don’t marry a Man that will use his money to silent your voice, many women live in mansions but in misery.”

'Don't Marry A Man Who Will Use His Money To Make You Silent'

The post got some reactions and here are a couple we gathered;

Joana Asare Lartey – Silence hour was always useful, we like it 😂🤣😅.
Better than being with an ohiani stubborn proud🤔

Salama Salma – Shut up and bend over! I will prefer to be deaf and dump in a mansion. Abooozigi

Barbara Konadu – We don’t want ohiani stubborn proud bia.wo misery ayera anaa.mtchweew.

Hafsat Umar Watara – It’s better to cry in Benz than on a bike wai…. Be there

Ruqayyah Mohammed Yahya – It’s better to die in a Lamborghini on ur way to makola than to die in a Pragia on ur way to chorkor.

Mira Zack – Where there is money what do u need ur voice for? Money na talk jor

Sua Mia Numbu – We go mix ginger+honey n lemon to regain our voice,what am I even using the voice for?🤷🏽‍♀️

Adia Kelli – It’s better to live in a mansion and cry, than to live in a single room and still cry. Las las you will cry at some point.

Prince Agyare – Some women are being silenced with series of slaps of every night but even that one sef they are still enjoying the marriage so how much more money which can take you to Dubai or Paris and get you iphone 13…


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