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Elikem The Tailor Explains Why He Subjected Moesha Buduongs Situation As A Mental Illness



Elikem The Tailor Explains Why He Subjected Moesha Buduongs Situation As A Mental Illness

On the internet, Moesha has many friends, one of them is Elikem Kumordzie, also known as Elikem The Tailor, who are all worried about her well-being.

He’s been vocal about his worries about her mental health, which he says have been misconstrued by the media and others.

To try to clarify the air, he shared some personal information about his own psychological well-being.

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Listed below are snippets from his Instagram video, which may be seen here:

“I made a passing remark about how it could be a mental health issue,” says the author. Maybe. It was taken out of context by some. Because of my previous experiences, I made this statement. I’m familiar with autistic youngsters. I’m acquainted with sad individuals. I’ve gone to see a therapist a couple of times myself since mental health is something that may impact even the most ordinary-looking people, such as you and me, who stroll down the street every day. We have a mental health problem that we don’t know about, wallahi. So when I suggest Moesha’s problem may be a mental health issue, let’s really find a method to help support her or maybe persuade her to visit a professional, I mean what I say is true. You should be aware that sometimes just chatting to someone may be helpful. Nobody knows what occurred in Moesha’s profound life, and no one can tell you. As a result, if Moesha is going through a phase, the general public is unaware of the circumstances behind it. The general consensus is that she attempted to repent. “Did you know that she may have even had a paradigm shift, which is the reason why she wants to repent?” says one. In part because Moesha is fine and looks gorgeous, fantastic and healthy, she has a terrific physique and wears beautiful clothing, she has transitioned from being the Moesha who talks to CNN about what she does to being the Moesha who is an influencer and is a philanthropist.

“The Moesha we got to know was amazing… ” says the author. Repentance is a positive development. I’ve stood in front of a pulpit before and professed my faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal savior, and I wanted to live a life that was more like Christ’s… I’ve been there, and I’ve gone to Bible school as well. That demonstrates how far back my tale goes…”


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