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‘For 5 Years Now, I Haven’t Been In A Relationship That Has Lasted Longer Than 3 Months’



'For 5 Years Now, I Haven't Been In A Relationship That Has Lasted Longer Than 3 Months'

The lady made this known in her letter she wrote to the popular social media relationship coach, Auntie Momoza.

The post she made reads;

Pardon me for this long ass story. I just need to vent and probably get some light/clarity from the cousins.
Ey I’m going through the most right now yeses 😩😩. I don’t know how the underground gang works, but I’ve been told the reason my relationships don’t work is because of some dark cloud. For 5 years now, I haven’t been in a relationship that last longer than 3 months. I’ve dated quite a number of guys, some of which I have forgotten, but with all of them, I suffered the same fate. The relationship just ends nje, without a reason or whatever. Most of them return, because apparently they “can’t find someone like me”. But when I ask why they left from the beginning, I always get a “I don’t know what happened” answer with literally all of them. I’m a very loving woman, independent and I make sure that my man is always taken care of and that he has everything he needs. Very submissive and I LOVE sex too.
My recent breakup, this September, was almost like an eye opener. Me and him were very compatible and he matched my sex drive (which was a bonus for me). If you ask me why we broke up, I wouldn’t tell you, because I also don’t know. I almost believed we were soulmates, because at least we were able to reach 4 months. It hurts so much!!! No lie.
I want to open up to performing the rituals that are going to help cleanse me, but on the other hand, my apostle totally advises against these sort of things. It’s so hard, because I don’t know what or who to believe in no more. All I know is that I’m in a very dark space right now. I even quit my job, because depression is consuming me.
I don’t understand why men leave! Even the ones with great intentions!! Or maybe I’m just not worthy of the love? I mean, I put God in everything that I do. I always pray for my relationships. What could be the reason for all this? 💔Please advise.
25 year old woman.”


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