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I Reject This Kind Of Marriage



I Reject This Kind Of Marriage

Actress Rita Dominic has shared a post rejecting the kind of marriage that women are treated as maids while their husbands are just relaxing for all their friends.

The post Rita Dominic shared talks about how some men don’t even bother to help their wives with the house chores with this mentality of the house chores being for women even though they both work from Monday to Friday rejecting it for her friends.

According to the post Rita Dominic retweeted, the husband is relaxing in the house and his wife is washing a mountain of clothes outside under the sun after which she will go and cook and this goes on every single Saturday and they both go to work from Monday to Friday.

Adding that this kind of marriage, she rejects it for all her female friends since it appears they are perceived to be maids who are supposed to do every single house chores without the help of their husbands and the sad thing is, the men will be sitting down and watch them do everything.

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A lot of things have changed and the place of women is no longer in the kitchen or for them to be housewives but some men still have that mentality that the place of a woman is still in the kitchen no matter how hardworking she is at her workplace and this kind of men are what Rita Dominic and others are rejecting for their female friends.

Some netizens reacting to the post also shared their experiences of what they’ve been through or seen others go through and it seems there are men who still regard women in nothing no matter the level of education they have attained or their exposure and it’s very sad because women are not properties or maid to be made to do every single job in the house without the husbands help.

Some were defending the action of these men saying they work hard to pay for rent and bills and so many things hence it’s the duty of the wife to do the house chores but we all can agree to that fact that no matter the money a man spends in the house, helping his wife with some basic chores in the house will not kill him or take his manly away.

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I Reject This Kind Of Marriage
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