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I Will Be Opening An Acting School To Train Young Actors



I Will Be Opening An Acting School To Train Young Actors

In an interview with BBC Igbo, Nonso Diobi disclosed that he would be establishing an acting school so that he would train the young actors in the industry to sharpen their craft. He added that he has learned a lot of experience and knowledge from his acting career and would like to help upcoming actors.

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On projects he’s working on, Nonso said he would establish an acting school to give the young a platform to thrive.

“At my level, I have a lot of knowledge and I help upcoming actors. Moving forward, I’ll open a film school because what I see is that young actors don’t have a lot of platforms to learn. I look to fill that gap,” the actor added.

“My advice to young actors is that they know it’s not a day’s journey. Start from somewhere; know where your skill lies. Some spend a lot of time in entertainment with nothing to show for it. You have to find your talent; direction.”

Speaking about how he managed to escape scandals in the movie industry, Nonso Diobi said he had the opportunity to learn from his senior actors during his onset in the Nollywood industry.

“From childhood, I made it clear that what I want people to know about me is my work, not my personal life. I grew in the business working with people for a very long time. I’m not perfect. I’ve made mistakes and learned,” he said.

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“It gave me the experience to move on. When I started, I heard artist scandals. I tried to avoid any such issues that will interfere with my career. It’s all fake. Sometimes you don’t even know whether or not you offended someone.

“I’m not the one to make a lot of noise. I have a foundation to help the less privileged, going to orphanages. We don’t take pictures or videos anytime we go there because I don’t want people to know. It’s only my vow to God.”


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