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Igbos Blast Police Officer, Abba Kyari For Showing Up At Obi Cubana’s Mother’s Burial



Igbos Blast Police Officer, Abba Kyari For Showing Up At Obi Cubana’s Mother’s Burial

Recall there is a recent standoff between the people of the South East and the police as scores of policemen have winded up dead and a number of pro-Igbo forces including IPOB members also showing up dead.

According to the Igbos on social media, Obi Cubana did not give respect to his Igbo people as he invited an enemy of the South East who is behind the killing of Igbo youths to be present at the funeral.

Below are some comments from fans.

@IkemIgbo1: “ This is the Hypocritical Bigotry Detective Killer Abba Kyari, in Oba Anambra State,If Obi Cubana and old Igbo dudes don’t know who he is and what he went there for, then Sorry for them. EFCC will soon,just very soon start inviting some of those boys for questioning.”

@Gabrielpatok: “The Cubana or whatever you called him is now a suspect. He may be planning evil with the zoo against our people. Otherwise, what is Abba Kyari doing there? Are you sure the money he was spraying wasn’t from Nigerian terrorist government? #IPOB is watching.”

@ProudlyAnioma : “ We are not Serious in the East. Take it or leave it. I saw Supercop Abba Kyari’s picture of him with Obi Cubana. That’s the same man arresting and killing his people. May God have mercy on us all.”

@MichaelZuchi :“ Abba Kyari with Obi Cubana and co. We are watching.”

@Jaresizzle: “ For the fact that Abba Kyari (arguably Nigeria’s most cerebral, most strategic police officer) visited Obi Cubana at the burial ceremony, I believe the latter’s business interests (whatever they are) are significantly legit.”

@EngrIbinabo: “ This is Abba kyari, the man that hunted down ESN in the East. He hates Biafara with passion, but came for Cubana’s mother’s funeral. Igbos are not bothered: they are busy picking money being sprayed by Cubana and his friends.”


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