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Kcee And Emoney Visit Anambra For Obi Cubana’s Mother’s Funeral



Kcee And Emoney Visit Anambra For Obi Cubana's Mother's Funeral

The Nigerian musician Kcee and his brother Emoney, as well as Ubi Franklin, will be among the famous guests at the event. The musician went to his Instagram page to post a video that showed their arrival after touching down in Anambra, followed by their journey to Oba in a magnificent motorcade that comprised tow bikers and a police vehicle.

One of the celebrities that attended the much-publicized funeral service for Obi Cubana’s mother was Nollywood legend Kanayo O Kanayo, who was among those who paid their respects to her.

On his Instagram page, the actor recently posted a video in which he inquired about the whereabouts of his male followers’ female companions.

Kcee captioned the video when he posted it on social media by saying,

Kcee and @iam_emoney1 coming to oba is like coming to America,are you ready for tomorrow’s movie?

Watch the video below:

In the case where their girlfriend stated that they were heading home for the weekend, KOK believes that it is likely that they all came to the funeral, which is taking place in Oba, Anambra state.

The state funeral was held in a large church. Every effort will be made to ensure that his late mother is given a proper burial in Anambra state, according to Nigerian businessman Obi Cubana.

The entrepreneur took to his Instagram story channel to show footage of the moments when cows that had been given to him by pals were really brought to his location.

Former employee Chiefpriest outdid himself by transporting a trailer load of almost 50 cows, to to the surprise of those who saw the feat firsthand.


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