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NDDC Has Turned Into A Cash Cow For Politicians



NDDC Has Turned Into A Cash Cow For Politicians

Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike, has intimated that the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, has now become the money-making machine for politicians who are in power.

According to Wike, the Niger Delta Development Commission is riddled with corruption to an extent that it has become glaring to the ordinary Nigerian.

He accused them of mismanaging funds at the expense of the people in the Niger Delta area who need the funds allocated for development.

Wike made his submission at the commissioning of the Police Barracks SPU at Omagwa in Ikwerre Local Government.

He said: “NDDC has been a cash cow for politicians. You will see competition over who will be the Managing Director, Executive Director (Finance), Executive Director (Projects).

These are people who will make sure money is available for politics. You have portfolio contractors from Abuja. Every now and then, the Managing Director will be running to Abuja.”

“I took NDDC to court, and we defeated them. You enter somebody’s state, you don’t even know the development plan of the state and start distorting the development plan of the state.

The road you want to do is not your road. You won’t liaise with the state to say ‘look what project do you want in this state?

If you ask all the nine states in the Niger Delta and say State A, what kind of project do you want NDDC to execute? We are not interested in who will be the contractor. Our interest is that we are synergising with you so that you don’t repeat those things we are doing.”


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