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New Law Stopping Media Parade Of Suspect By Police (READ FULL)



New Law Stopping Media Parade Of Suspect By Police (READ FULL)

On Tuesday, October 5, Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu signed the Administration of Criminal Justice (Amendment) Law (ACJL) 2021.

The ACJL was initially passed in Lagos State in 2007 and then revised in 2011 to ensure that suspects and others who come into contact with the court system are protected under the constitution’s fundamental rights.

The new law includes provisions such as the ability of the Chief Magistrate to visit police stations, the prohibition of media parades of suspects, compensation for victims of crime, protective measures for victims and witnesses, as well as the creation of a Crime Data Register and the Criminal Justice Sector Reform Committee to monitor the implementation of the new law.

The Ministry of Justice will guarantee that the requirements of this law are enforced through a collaborative effort with stakeholders in the criminal justice system.

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In recent news, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu had asked for a revision of the current sharing formula in order to account for stakeholders’ contributions to the common purse.

On Monday, October 4, Sanwo-Olu stated that a new profit-sharing formula that is fair and equitable is needed at the start of a two-day South-west zonal public hearing on the review of the revenue allocation formula organized by the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) in Lagos.

The Governor also requested that Lagos be accorded “special status,” claiming that it will aid in the delivery of high-quality services and democratic benefits to Nigerians.

He stated,

“The best way to guarantee national progress and development is by paying attention to subnational development because the national is a summation and a reflection of the subnational.

“Lagos State was the epicentre for COVID-19, the same way it was for the Ebola virus some years ago.

“The management of these unforeseen occurrences comes with huge responsibilities and financial commitments on the part of the state government.

“Although we have put that experience behind us and forged ahead, the reality of these unfortunate incidents remains with us; resources that should be committed to other areas of need are now being used for the restoration of damaged public facilities.

“It will be unfair for Lagos State to be left alone to bear these huge expenses without assistance from the centre.

“COVID-19 pandemic is another issue that has once again supported the justification for Lagos State to be accorded the privilege of special status.

“As much as this affects the entire country, it is a fact that the degree of the havoc caused by this virus differs from state to state.”


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