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Practice What You Preach On Justice, Fairness – Afenifere Slams Buhari



Practice What You Preach On Justice, Fairness – Afenifere Slams Buhari

The Yoruba socio-political organization, Afenifere has punched holes in the statements made by President Buhari that he respects the human rights of Nigerians.

Recall President Buhari had said that his administration is committed to the protection of the rights of the normal citizen to promote peace and co-existence in the country.

According to Afenifere, Buhari is a liar who has not held the end of his bargain with the statement that he respects human rights.

Afenifere lashed out at the Buhari administration for deliberately ignoring calls for dialogue by ethnic nationalities in Nigeria to resolve the country’s issues.

The statement reads: “It is interesting, perhaps comforting that the Nigerian authority realizes that dialogue is the way to go in resolving knotty issues. It is however hypocrisy of the highest order for this same authority to be prescribing this to foreign authorities while describing those calling for the same thing at home as ‘hate speech makers’ and separatists.

“The Reform that Buhari advocated for the United Nations is the same thing those calling for dialogue at home are calling for. Why and how our president considered reform and dialogue as necessary at the global level but consider same as anathema in Nigeria beats one’s imagination.It is called Reform at the global level and Restructuring at home.”

Meanwhile, The federal government has revealed that it is taking some actions to control the spread of the Covid 19 pandemic as it has suspended the passports of more than 2,000 in-bound travellers for disregarding the strict COVID-19 protocols.

National incident manager of the Presidential Steering Committee (PSC), Mukhtar Mohammed, intimated in a press briefing that the government had to take the necessary steps to protect the people of Nigeria from a super spreader event that may cause havoc.


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