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‘She Fvck Am, She Wasn’t Joking’



'She Fvck Am, She Wasn't Joking'

A Twitter user with handle @Queenyetty1_ has revealed how her friend banged her boyfriend right after she sang the praises of his physical appearance.

According to the lady, this friend publicly enthused her man’s good looks and even advised her not to leave the two of them alone in a confined space.

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The woman who assumed her friend was kidding got the shock of her life when she caught both of them in the deed red-handed.

Sharing her story, she wrote:

“I remember when a friend jokingly told me to not leave her in the room with my boyfriend. I asked her why and she said “Omo this your bobo too fine”
We laughed…. but guess what?

Yes you guess right

She fvck am o! She wasn’t joking when she said it lmfaoooooo.

I caught them and my eyes cleared”

See the tweet below:

'She Fvck Am, She Wasn't Joking'
'She Fvck Am, She Wasn't Joking' 44

In other news, a man has revealed that his parents threw him away after giving birth to him because he was a handicapped child.

After his parents tossed him away, his grandfather found him and picked him up, according to the anguished guy.

Years later, when he kept asking about his parents’ location, his grandfather finally opened up to him about the circumstances of his birth.

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He was adamant that he would never forgive them for leaving him and abandoning him to his fate. He added that when his parents found out that he was alive, they felt guilty and couldn’t come any close.

He narrated;

‘I will never forgive my parents ever. My parents hated me the first day they saw me. They were not interested in having me as a son at all. They threw me into the bush and that has not been easy for me. I live with a lot of anger and most times I’m alone.

I hardly believe what my own parents did to me. I am always lonely. I run away from people and sometimes, I keep crying.

When my parents found out I’m still alive, they felt guilty and they couldn’t come close to me.

It all started when they gave birth to me and I came out disabled. People called me a meaningless child and my parents listened and threw me away. My grandfather found out that they had thrown me away. He picked me and gave me another chance to live.’


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