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Side Chic Spiritually Prevents Pastor From Having Erection After He Broke Up With Her



Side Chic Spiritually Prevents Pastor From Having Erection After He Broke Up With Her

A South African Pastor has found himself in an embarrassing situation after it emerged that his side chic has spiritually caused him to have erectile dysfunction.

The pastor said he entered into this awkward moment after he decided to ser ties with his mistress but he never knew that will spell doom for him. The 47-year-old Pastor told Daily Sun that the lady who had been asking when he will divorce his wife, didn’t take the break-up very well when he first called off their romantic relationship in March.

The Pastor from Glenvista in Johannesburg, said; “Sometimes when I asked to see her, she’d tell me she’s with another man

“I realized this one was trouble so I ended the relationship. That didn’t go well.

“She told me I’ll regret the day I met her and she’d destroy my marriage in any way she could.”

He further revealed that he noticed that he had become impotent after trying to have sex with his wife in April. It continued even after he visited a urologist who gave him some pills and advised him to eat healthy.

The Pastor said; “Last month, I tried again but the same thing happened. My heart dropped as my 4-5 hanged its head.

“I really regret what I did to my wife. I want my life back

“When I asked her what she did, she told me I messed with the wrong woman and ended the call.”

He said when he tried calling her back, she didn’t answer. Asked if he’s visited a sangoma (native doctor), he said he’s a man of God and doesn’t believe in those practices.

“I know the nyatsi has something to do with this, but I don’t think I want to take that route to fix my problem.”

The lady at the fulcrum of this report gave her version of the story to Daily Sun in a telephone interview. Asked if she indeed locked his penis, she reportedly laughed and then said he will learn to stop toying with women’s feelings before ending the call.

She said; “He’s a man of God and I didn’t think he was just using me for a poke. I thought what we had was real.” However a urologist, Dr Kenneth Mulongo said most of these cases are caused by a combination of physical and emotional problems.

He advised the pastor to come see him. Mulongo said; “Just about any medical condition that affects your nerves or blood vessels could hurt your ability to have an erection.” A native doctor, Joseph Dungamanzi confirmed the man’s penis was locked and also said nothing will work until he goes for a cleansing.


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