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Some Of You Are Dumb



Some Of You Are Dumb

Crossdresser Bobrisky has slammed those who aren’t satisfied with his new enhanced body saying some of them are dumb to be expecting more from him when he had less fat.

Bobrisky after healing from his surgery shared a photo of his new body and some people got disappointed in her because they were expecting to see her with a huge backside and small waist like we see our female celebrities after surgery.

Bobrisky replying to all those not satisfied slammed them for being dumb to be expecting that from her because she didn’t have enough fat in her body for it to be transferred to her butt to have such a huge butt and waist that they were expecting to see her.

According to Bobrisky, he didn’t go under the knife to enhance his body for anyone, and moreover he doesn’t know a lot of people on the gram and a lot of them follow him because they love his personality and not his a$$ or body so no one should get it twisted.

Adding that if he had a huge a$$ these are the same people who will talk about it saying that his thighs and a$$ doesn’t match hence if they ever need perfection, they should walk to the nearest mortuary and look for perfection in there and not from him.

Screenshot below;

Some Of You Are Dumb
Some Of You Are Dumb 45


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