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Stop Putting Unnecessary Pressure On People



Stop Putting Unnecessary Pressure On People

Is one a failure if he or she lives with his or her parents at 35? Well, Nigel Gaisie has been lambasted to stop pressuring people by calling them a failure.

The 10 strong points he listed have however evoked several reactions from netizens who didn’t side with him on any of the factors he shared.

The Ghanaian pastor listed living with your parents at the age of 35, and have more than one sexual partner at 25 as part of the factors that considered someone as a failure.

Read what he wrote below;

In his words;

1. You are a failure if at 35 you’re still staying with your parents or family compound
2. You are a failure if you’re waiting for a government before you start something with your life.
3. You’re a failure if all you think about is waiting to be fed by others, regardless of your circumstances, you can start something.
4. You’re a failure if you keep repeating mistakes in the name of human weakness.
5. You’re a failure if at age 25 you still keep multiple sexual partners and fancy certain party hang out merry.
6. You’re a colossal failure if you still believe life begins @40, check the world around you, Youngsters are taking over.
7. You’re a failure if @ 40 certain family relations can’t reach out to you for help .
8.You’re a family if you’re still following the pattern of your parents, that led to their distraction.
9. You’re a failure if all you don’t think well about people,(speak well about people)
10. You’re a failure as a parent, if your children are not greater than you or perhaps on almost the same scale…”

Stop Putting Unnecessary Pressure On People

In reaction, some netizens lashed back at him after his 10 factors didn’t sit well with them. They opined that everyone has his own time and his assertions are literally putting unnecessary pressure on people. See some reactions below;

ladyque_1 wrote; Stop putting unnecessary pressure on people

godschamp wrote; Oga prophet colonel sanders started KFC at 65 but the world go first forget you before am

brightshine9311 wrote; Not every one had an opportunity to start life earlier…..some lost their parents at a very tender age & they struggled to eat ….. & to send themselves to school or to start a business. So all fingers are not equal. When it is time everyone will get to their destination. When there’s life, there’s hope. Life is hard…. sometimes, you make a plan & another thing came up….what will you do? It is well.😢😢😢😢

iam_duzzynatty wrote; Oga rest…….what if at 35 you have everything but still not okay cos you are battling of one illness, will you still say he/she is a failure

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