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Tarkwa Gyaasehene Abducted 3 Days After Receiving Death Threats



Tarkwa Gyaasehene Abducted 3 Days After Receiving Death Threats

The chief is actually the Gyaasehene of the Apinto Divisional Council, Dr. Nana Adarkwa Bediako III and this was made known in a recent report by 3News.

Per the report, he was abducted just three days after one of his relatives allegedly threatened to kill him.

This was confirmed by the Chief Linguist of the Apinto Traditional Division Nana Kwabena Obo II in an interview with

In his interview, he said;

“On Sunday, July 11 one Kakra who is a relative to the overlord of the Apinto Division Nana Kwabena Angu II called me and complained bitterly that the Gyaasehene is frustrating him in his work. He then threatened that if I hear that the Gyaasehene is dead then he Kakra was the architect.

I became alarmed and proceeded to the Palace of the overlord with another Chief. We called Kakra in the presence of the overlord Nana Angu II and Kakra repeated the threat and immediately dropped the line.

Yesterday evening, the driver of Gyaasehene Paa Kwesi called me that he had gone to meet the car of the Gyaasehene in front of ABII National. When he drew closer he saw the two phones of the Gyaasehene in the car with the car keys in the ignition but the Gyaasehene was nowhere close to the car.

So, he was calling me to find out if the Gyaasehene was with me. This was after he had sent the car of the Gyaasehene to his house and had met his absence there too. I went to the house of the Gyaasehene and picked the driver. We drove straight to the police station and lodged another complaint.”


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