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Teacher Kwadwo Reveals How A Lady He Solicited Funds For Finished GHC 8,000 In Just Two Weeks



Teacher Kwadwo Reveals How A Lady He Solicited Funds For Finished GHC 8,000 In Just Two Weeks

He made this post as he reacted to an earlier post made by astute Ghanaian journalist, Nana Aba Anamoah that a guy she found a job for has disgraced her by stealing from his employer.

Reacting to Nana Aba’s post, Teacher Kwadwo wrote;

“What has happened to NANA ABA eh,similar one has happed to me before o,but I kept it to myself.
Lemme tell y’all what happened…
About a year ago,I shared a post here about some sick lady. the post/blog suggested the lady has been going through series of Operations. When I shared it here,a guy on my list(forgotten his name) inboxed me that she knew the lady personally and she is really suffering.Due to how the guy explained the situation I got sad so he linked me to the lady. we talked and she sent me a lot of her pics from the hospital. The pics sent some kinda something something through my spine😬.
She told me that the blog I shared was an old one which the blogger used one of her family members phone number so people could send her something small but because the number isn’t her own,she wasn’t even seeing whether the money was coming or not.
I then contacted a blogger friend of mine to do a new blog about her but this time,she should use her own number.
After the blog was done,I posted it at my Teacher Kwadwo page and within a month,according to her,she received about 8,000 cedis(80 million old cedis) and I called her to send me a screenshot of the total amount so I can post and thank those who contributed.
Can u imagine this lady told me she has already spent 4,000 of the money on drugs within 4 days?
she told me everyday she buys drugs worth 1,000 cedis.
I was shocked but she said she is in a critical condition and she almost died. hmmmm I asked her that so that time the money hasn’t come,how was she surviving and what kinda drugs was she taking but she kept talking plenty.
I said,even if she has spent it on drugs,she should send me a screenshot of the total money that came on her phone. That one too she kept saying something plenty about changing phone or whatever so she was able to send a screenshot of just 4,000 cedis.
I got angry and didn’t reply her message again. Funniest tin is whenever she calls,she sounds like she is dying at that moment.
Within 2 weeks the money was finished and she came to me again.(during lockdown) I told her everyone is at home so no1 can give her any money and I can’t even do anything for her again because the 1st contribution I wasn’t even able to thank those who contributed.
She started sounding like she is crying and about to die.
It’s been almost a year after the lockdown and this lady called me last week,asking for another contribution. The way I hanged up eh,I’m sure she even felt how I taped the button to end the call. I almost cracked my screen from that 1 tap.
Since then,I haven’t heard from her. This BEGGING we dey beg give people here enor be easy job oo. if u don’t take care u go spoil your brand sef.
I feel for NANA ABA paaa. I can tell what she is going through. hmmmm”

Teacher Kwadwo Reveals How A Lady He Solicited Funds For Finished GHC 8,000 In Just Two Weeks


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