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“There’s No Respect For Christianity”



“There’s No Respect For Christianity”

“I honestly felt like, what are we doing as Christians – It’s a lot man. There’s no respect anymore for Christianity or for churches. Now, it’s almost like everyone wants to be seen,” she continued. “It’s not about the respect. It’s not about the Bible. We are here to do something that is respectful and we need to honour God. But people are just living their lives. I’m going to do whatever I want. I’m going to sleep with young girls, I’ll do this and that.”

The actress went on to say that it hurts to hear religious leaders involved in such disgraceful acts.

“It hurts because you find that people go to those places to seek help. They got to pastors, hoping that I’m going to get help from this person and if that’s the last place you thought you can go to get help and that’s what happens.” She said.

The new mom also revealed that she is a religious person and believes in God and the Holy Bible.

“I’m very religious. I believe in God, I believe in the Bible, I believe in Jesus. And I believe in the Jesus of today as well,” she added. “Yes I read the bible and I believe in the Bible. But I also believe in the miracles that have happened in my life. I also believe that I have to be the Jesus that people need to see. Through my life.”

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