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‘We Have not Being Fair to Abena Korkor’- Michael Ola Writes



'We Have not Being Fair to Abena Korkor'- Michael Ola Writes

Renowned filmmaker and on-air personality, Michael Ola has revealed his disappointment with Ghanaians for preying on the exposé dropped by Abena Korkor.

The video as we all know captured a list of all the male celebs other prominent personalities she has slept with. Bloggers hungrily preyed on the theme of her latest video and carved sensationalism out of which they propagated on their various portals.

Michael Ola believes Korkor’s mental state which triggered these new bouts of encounters with her ‘victims’ should rathe be the focal point. He took to Facebook to write;

Seriously I have been listening this Abena Korkor’s issue and I think as a nation, we are very callously wicked! Why are we ridiculing the issue instead taking it serious? Regardless of whoever is involved, we are not being fair to the lady.So now people will be alleged to have had sex with a mentally unstable persons and what?

The patient stands accused and ridiculed and not those alleged to have taken advantage of her situation?Elsewhere Bill Cosby and the likes are serving jail terms for less or even similar charges. Is it true these men had affairs with her? Were the men aware of her mental illness before having all those alleged bouts of sex with her?

Did they go into her life with the aim of helping her and ended up as she is alleging? Why are the so called women activists and those lousy noise making women groups silent on this? Why is it cus most of the men are powerful or Abena stands accused of sleeping with married men?She is a mental patient for Christ sake!

Can somebody with some moral decency get her justice? Instead of us all just laughing over some lists and whose name appeared and not!?I have seen guys arrested, ridiculed and imprisoned for allegedly having sex with mentally challenged women! Why is Abena Korkor’s case so trivial in our books of morality?

These things have been happening and nobody seem to want to discuss or investigate, the circumstances under which these alleged sexual intercourses happened?All you hear, in a way to serve it as a bilge water is ; “leave her , she is sick”! Yes she is sick that is why she needs to be protected and those who took or alleged to have taken advantage of her malady, arrested and dealt with legally!

Another crap I hear people say is: “it was consensual sex between two adults” Really? How do we posit mentally challenged person in the case of “consensual sexual activities”? The person is mentally unstable and sick!

She doesn’t perfectly fit into the “consensual” tag! Isn’t that the reason those arrested for having sex with mentally challenged persons, got prison terms?

Can some lawyers advise on this albeit, we are aware of the issue of *burden of proof*?Let’s get serious with this issue esp when mentally challenged people are involved.


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